Dalian Hongsheng machine Co.,Ltd
Company Origin

Hongsheng derived from a belief which testifies awoman conflicts with the malignant competition of the market, she resigned fromthe original unit decisively, instead, she worked on the path of a personaldream, she believes that it is necessary to process high technology, excellentservice and quality for a successful enterprise in such a era with intense competition. 


Hongsheng grew into a powerful enterprise owningnearly 80 people from one person's dream base; there is no one equipment  in the beginning, currently it has more than40 sets of advanced equipment and initially an order in a few months to now tenseveral orders every day. As her name, hongsheng carrys the dream of a womanflying higher and higher, the woman who found Hongsheng likes a miracle is ourgeneral manager - Jinhong liu. Enterprise is like a woman, she has her ownpersonality, her own characteristics, and her own soul.

 Knowing an enterprise islike knowing a charming woman.                                                                 Warm and reliable.

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