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Congratulations to the new members of the quality inspection team passed the "quality inspection level 2" examination in 4 months.

Time: 2018-11-24
Congratulations to the new members of the quality inspection team, who have passed the 4-month study in the company and won the "quality inspection level 2" examination with excellent results.
Dalian Hongsheng Machine Co., Ltd always pays attention to the cultivation of talents. Every year, our company will go to colleges and universities to recruit the most outstanding graduates and provide professional technical training for the selected "new employees".The company has a complete hierarchical training system.Carry on grading training to personnel of different technical level, every pass training of a grade to want to have finish school to take an examination of, the exam is divided into accurate machining common sense theory and practical operation take an examination of two kinds.
Employees trained at all levels will become professional technicians of the company in the future. The trained technicians will strictly control every process of customer products and produce the most sophisticated mechanical parts for customers.Professional talent selection and a sound hierarchical training system enable Hongsheng to have a steady flow of talent resources, and lay a talent foundation for the development of Hongsheng.
(Picture shows the new employees of the quality inspection team passing the "quality inspection level 2" test with excellent results.This outstanding employee is specially awarded with the certificate of honor as an encouragement.)

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