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Hongsheng 2019 New Year party

publisher: Lucy
Time: 2019-01-31
Summary: Hongsheng 2019 New Year party

Today is the happiest day for Hongsheng people.We welcome the 15th annual meeting of Hongsheng family with joy.
As the company continues to grow, our team isgrowing. All staff under the leadership of the leaders, united as one, hardwork and progress.
Looking back on the past, all the staff worktogether, sincere unity, successfully completed each work, get more newcustomers recognition, as well as the trust and support of old customers, andmade a great achievement breakthrough.
Looking forward to the future, our 80 employeeswill strive to make progress under the leadership of our leaders. With thehard-working hands of our Hongsheng people, we will realize our own value,conscientiously complete each work, and strive to do better and stronger.
With the sumptuous dinner and wonderfulperformances, we spent a very happy and unforgettable night together, and weare looking forward to the next annual meeting
Hongsheng looks forward to cooperating with you

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