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Dalian Hongsheng Machine Co., Ltd---United, Loving, Harmonious, Warm

Time: 2019-07-03
Summary: Work hard to produce the best products for customers

Dalian Hongsheng Machine Co., Ltd---United, Loving, Harmonious, Warm

"Respect customers, understand the needs of customers, unity and mutual assistance, mutual respect and love" is the corporate values of hongsheng company, and also the basic beliefs and goals of every hongsheng person.

In order to make employees eat better, every week the company will let everyone eat a hot delicious bun, so that everyone can feel like home.Although the steamed stuffed bun machine is broken, but we hongsheng people never give up, so we take the initiative to manually wrap up 500 steamed stuffed bun.

Each steamed stuffed bun bears the deep love of the "producer" for his colleagues.Everyone is discussing how to learn how to pack the steamed stuffed bun better, we can see hongsheng people's serious attitude to work.Similarly, when the company has "defective products", we will also hold "defective products" discussion, carefully study the problems, overcome all kinds of production difficulties, and strive to produce the best products for customers.

In the future, hongsheng people will go forward hand in hand, trying to overcome more difficulties, set sail, long wind and waves.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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