Commmon probelms


Common problems of customers

Q1 Where can I get the product information and price information? A1 Please send us an email, we will contact you as soon as we receive your email. email: admin@dlhshjx.cn Q2 How long can we get samples in a general way ? A2 It depends on your project, usually 10-20 days can deliver. Q3 How to enjoy OEM service? A3 Generally speaking, we refer to your drawings or original samples, offer some techniques, suggestions and quotations to you. We will produce for you after you agree. we produce the drawing with your approval Q4 What's kinds of information you need for quote? A4 The production drawings can be sent in CAD, DXF, STEP, IGES, x_t and other formats, supporting the use of CAD, Soildwork UG ProE and other softwares. Q5 Will the price change? A5 If the exchange rate and material fee have not changed, it will not be changed. If there is any change, it will be notified in advance. Q6 How If you produced bad quality products after deliveried? A6 First of all, if the delivery is in time, our company will try our best and make the machining parts as soon as possible. The production fee for bad re-production is free, and the freight is also the responsibility of our company. If the deadline is too late, please ask the customer for help, the customer will repair it in Japan. Our company will only bear the amount of the customer's Invoice indication, and we will not be responsible for the addtional Invoice indication, We will try our best to reduce the rate of defective products to zero, and our goal is to ship all good products. At the same time, we will investigate the content of this defective product, investigate the responsibility, all the employees must participate in the defective product meeting to avoid the similar problems. Q7 If there is defect in processing? A7 According to the company's QC management requirements, production will be stopped immediately, report to the produce manager and analyze the cause of the bad condition. Specify a correction plan or scrap the production plan and re-submit the material production application. If we judged that the delivery or quality cannot be finished at this time, the actual situation must be notified with the customer. Use all the China's resources to find ways to solve problems. Q8 What about the impact of exchange rate fluctuations on costs and profit? A8 We will deposit the foreign exchange in the bank without exchanging it,unless the rate exchange to recover or when it has a smaller impact. If the exchange rate fluctuates too much, for long term cooperative orders, we will negotiate with the customer. Q9 How to arrange the working time of the workshop? A9 Usually, the factory is divided into two shifts. The first shift is from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, and the second shift is from 5:00 pm to 1:30 am. If the work is very urgent, we will work overtime or even arrange three shifts. Q10 What is the turnover rate of employees? A10 The most of company's employees come from surrounding cities, so they are relatively stable. Turnover rate is 3-5 per year. Q11 What is the delibery time? A11 Generally it is 20-25 working days. If there is an urgent situation, it can be put forward at the time of quotation, we will make a quotation according to the parts and the delivery period. In the case of an urgent delivery time, the price of the parts will increase. Q12 How if the drawing tolerances can not guaranteed? A12 We will confirm the tolerance we can reach with the customer before the quotation. If the customer agrees to the tolerance adjustment, then we will make a quotation. If the machining process cannot guarantee the tolerance due to the force majeure technology, we will contact with the customer to discuss the solution in time. Q13 Where are you buy the materials? A13 The general materials are available in the Chinese market. Dalian is the main distribution place for Japanese companies to invest in China. As early as 20 years ago, it has formed a good supporting capacity (including raw materials). General carbon steel (S25C, S35C) , S45C), iron (SS400), die steel (SKD11, SKD61, SKS, SCM, etc.), copper (C3604, phosphor bronze, pure copper, etc.), aluminum (5052, 5056, 6061, 6063, 6082, 7075 , 7071, 2017, 2014, etc.), stainless steel (304, 316, 303, and SUS440C, etc.), insulating materials (POM, PE, PP, PEC, PVC, nylon, etc.) These materials are available in the Dalian market. Special materials which are not produced in the Chinese market or materials specially requested by customers are basically purchased through overseas material distributors in Shanghai and other places. The general material procurement cycle is 3-7 days. Special 7-15 days. Q14 What is the average age of a worker? A14 The average age of a worker is 30, only 5 or 6 are interns from the school. Q15 Is the factory personnel stable? Will there be frequent demission? A15 In general, most of the personnel are relatively stable. There are individual interns or new hires may be out of sorts or can not do the job. Employees who have worked for more than three years are relatively stable. Q16 The packaging is too thick, could you make the packing thinner when you deliver the goods? A16 According to our years of experience, also for the customer's product can arrive safely, we think the current packing thickness is suitable. If the package is too thin, in the process of transportation, there is likely to be bump against. This will affect the delivery date of the customer. In addition, we use specially light air bubble film for packaging, the impact on package weight and shipping costs is also minimal. Before shipment, we should consider not only the problem of freight cost and the convenience of splitting after delivery, but also the security of product delivery.We have more than ten years' experience in transporting goods to and from Japan, please be assured that we have the ability to pack our products well. Of course, we are more willing to listen to your opinion, hoping to improve our delivery service capacity better. Q17 What is the relationship between Dalian Hongsheng Machine Co., Ltd and Flortc? A17 The name of factory is Dalian Hongsheng Machine Co., Ltd, and Flortc is the window of foreign business, mainly aimed at the Japanese market. Q18 Is there any delay in delivery in your company? A18 Our company will strictly arrange production according to the delivery date specified by the customer, generally, no tardiness will occur. However, due to the complexity of the production process and other reasons can lead to production errors, in the process of remanufacturing, the delivery date may be delayed. We apologize for this. Measures: Related workers work overtime, try to do it in the shortest possible time, minimize the damage. We will analyze the reasons for the long production cycle and consider the solutions comprehensively. Q19 Do you have a way to get confidentiality for our drawings per the requirements in agreement? A19 Yes, Initially, we will control the using of the drawings and documents customers provided strictly, won't disclose to any third party. If some workflows of the item have to be helped by our other long-term cooperated factories, we will let our customers know and attempt to get the approval from our customers in advance. Secondly, all the documents you provided are keeped by the sales representative secretly who you contact with. It doen't allow to leaf through drawings and document without the permission. Finally, The customers information is confidential, if there is the customers' information shown on the drawings, our sales representatives will cover them with a blank. we name a group of letters as the customers's name and write it on our production drawings. So Others including the machinists won't recoginize the information of customers. Q20 Is there training for the new workers? A20 Yes, there is There are not only the educational training for the new staffs, but a sort of strict management system of promotion examination. As for the one who has never worked on machining industry, we have 3-year plan to cultivate them to be a professional one. We assign posts according to their personal capability and status. New staffs have a test which divided into Mechanical common sense theory and Practical Application for every stage. The test score and the daily performance are the rational basis for their wage adjustment. the new-comers who have or have not the working experience has a senior for a comprehensive guidance, from the basic knowlege to the grasping of the practical technological knowlege, and can begin their formal work after their capability being accepted. In addition, In order to creat a learning environment like a school and prompt every new employee to be grow up in this field, there are trainings for comprehensive quality education, business etiquette, safety production, recognization on the drawings from foreigners, emergency interconnection, 8S management education(Seriri, Seiton,Seiso, Seikeetsu, Shitsuke, Safety, Save, Study). Q21 What is The proportion of technical staffs to the processing staffs? How long have they working here? A21 There are 15 technological staffs currently which is approximately 25% of the staffs currently who working in the workshop. We share exchanges of experience on the early morning every single day to have new comers improved and absorbed. Q22 Does every equipment has the regular checking and maintainess? A22 there are amount of funds being invested to introduce the world's most advanced equipments which maintained twice by original manufactures annually. We will settle down the issues in the bud due to we do a cautious work. for example, we will do check and maintainess work before operating and start if check result is well. Q23 How do you manage so many kinds of materials? A23 1.There is no material in our warehouse.We purchase materials according to the part size after receiving the customer's order every time. 2.After the material arrives at the company, the material supplier will attach the invoice.The staff will mark the material with a white pen. 3.The warehouse management personnel of our company will check the types and sizes of materials according to the invoices, and attach the processing drawings to the materials. In this way, there is little possibility of getting the material wrong within the company

The Trade Flow Between Hongsheng and Japanese Customers

The trade flow between Hongsheng and Japanese customers Request A Quote/Machining/Shipping/After-sales service The description of trade flow 1. Quotation Quoting base on the drawings you provide. Terms and items description as blow:  Monetary Unit: Yen  Parts No./Description/Unit Price/Total Amount/Packing Fees/Freight Charges  Mode of Trade: FOB, CIF, CFR, DDU etc.  Valid date of quotation. *Offering Date: In order to shorten the offering date, please provide the expected price in advance if you have. 2、Purchase Order Please   send us the purchase order if you agreeabout thequotation and other conditions. The purchase order could be sent by mail. Please write part Numbers, quantities on the purchase order , such as 1-②  If you wish to sign a long-term contract, we have no objection.If you have basic contract or non-disclosure agreement, please send them to us and we will discuss them seriously  To protect your company's privacy, purchase orders and contracts are kept in our customer files. 3、Machining and the factory director will analyze the processing technology according to the drawings and arrange the production.Report the machining status of small parts at any time during machining. If the drawings are not clear, the business staff will confirm to your company by email or phone.If you don't have any special requirement after the processing of the parts, we will conduct quality inspection of all parts according to the regulations and record the result of quality inspection on the quality inspection report, and deliver the goods together with part.In order to avoid part injury, we will pack parts one by one carefully. 4、The delivery Baling and packing subject to the terms of the offer. Shipping methods and number of days:  When using air transportation, the goods usually arrive in Japan within 2 days (including clearance).  When using international express delivery, 2 ~ 3 to your company.  When using shipping, the goods will arrive on 7-15 days(including customs clearance) . 5、Payment Since the Japanese customer has credit, no advance payment is required if the transaction amount is not large or the cost of materials is not very expensive. Please remit the money before the 10th of the next month after your company has checked the products and confirmed them to be qualified. If there is a need for advance payment, we will discuss it separately. By the way, our company hopes that the payment for the parts shipped before 20th every month can be received on 10th of the following month. Our business staff will ask you for payment by email before 20th. For example, We hope the payment for the goods delivered before 20th of this month will arrive on 10th of next month. Please pay for the remittance procedure.The withdrawal fee in China shall be borne by our company. 6、Service When quoting, the detailed information will sent to the customer regarding the 1st. The processing status is reported to the customer during the processing of parts. When shipping, send all the information to the customer, and ship the product book, test report and parts together. After arriving at your company, whether arrived on time? Or ask the customer about quality. 7、Correspondence of defective products According to the company's standard, it is the full inspection and delivery, but if you detect defective products in your company, please check the following.  If a small quantity cnc machining parts are repaired and have delivery time , please send the product back to the company. After the repair is completed, send it to the customer again. All shipping costs incurred during this period are in charge of our company. The defective products of reproduction are same.   If we missed the deadline, I am very sorry, please to repair it in your company. The repair cost can be deducted from the amount of the part as long as it does not exceed the amount of the part.  About the parts of machining precision parts that cannot be repaired, please arrange re-production again by your company.All costs are charge of by our company. The above is explained. I hope to get a reference. If there is anything you don't understand, please feel free to contact us. In addition, if you think differently with your company, please advise.

Packing and delivery

Dalian hongsheng machinery co., LTD. Is a Chinese machining factory with Chinese high precision parts and high precision machining,which has been engaged for 14 years, has 14 years of export trade experience, we have made perfect shipment process.Here we introduce the shipping process to you. 1、Making shipping documentsIn one Sales' order, once the goods are ready for deliver from godown , the Sales need to check the progress with the factory. Then preparation of customs declaration materials (because they need a formal declare at the customs, they have to make IV and PL correctly). For the customer who exchange for the first time, the Sales need to confirm shipping address, company name and part of the name of customs declaration, etc. If the customer has special request, the Sales make customs declaration according to customer's requirement. If customer has not required, then follow the company's written form.After the Sales making the declaration materials, they need an initial check, then submit to general affairs office for final inspection. If there's no problem, it will be stamped with the company seal, and become the formal declare information at the customs. Then the Sales instruct the factory to prepare for shipment.2、The parts should be cleaned before packed After the final inspection, the cnc machining parts precision with no problem can be transferred to the packaging room. The packaging clerk will first check if the drawing information and part information , such as shape of the part, the quantity, outlook, surface treatment, etc are consistent with the information on the drawing. If there's no problem, the packaging clerk will put the part on the drawing and take photos, then archives.Then proceed the cleaning of parts. Parts with concavoconvex or concavoconvex places should be rinsed with alcohol or a cleaner such as holes, nematopores, slots. Then use a cotton swab to remove the cleaning fluid and other liquids. The surface of part should also be wiped clean, to look more beautiful. Finally, to avoid surface damage, the product will be wrapped with transparent plastic film. In order to prevent iron and other materials parts rust, the packaging clerk will spray a moderate amount of anti-rust oil on the surface of part.At last we need choose the appropriate thickness foaming for packaging,paste the spot product ticket,please boxed according to the annotation's sequence,bundle bale.3、Packing, shipping, and logistics tracking Our products can be shipped by air and sea, because our company has signed an agreement with the logistics company, we can enjoy faster, cheaper and more convenient logistics services. 1) Preparation before packingThe operators prepare the appropriate size boxes according to the instructions of the sales personnel, cartons are used for air transportation and wooden cases are used for sea transportation. 2)Packaging procedure: According to the production order, the cash ticket should be consistent with the production order, control number and quantity should be checked and then encased. The parts after loading the box needs to be marked on the production order, to avoid omissions. At last, the sales personnel confirm and check again.The parts cannot be moved in the box, special shaped parts cannot rub against each other, the space between parts should be filled with newspaper or other bubble wrap, avoiding collision between items and result in part injuries. Then send the detection report and the dispatch bill to the customer via email. Finally, seal the box with tape, when packaged, concentrate in the specified location, notify related express or logistics personnel to pick up the goods. 3) Tracking of transportation of the goods after shipment After delivered the goods,will send the tracking number to the customer by email,if you have any needs, you could check the detailed transportation and delivery on the express website.

Company Origin

Hongsheng derived from a belief which testifies awoman conflicts with the malignant competition of the market, she resigned fromthe original unit decisively, instead, she worked on the path of a personaldream, she believes that it is necessary to process high technology, excellentservice and quality for a successful enterprise in such a era with intense competition.  Hongsheng grew into a powerful enterprise owningnearly 80 people from one person's dream base; there is no one equipment  in the beginning, currently it has more than40 sets of advanced equipment and initially an order in a few months to now tenseveral orders every day. As her name, hongsheng carrys the dream of a womanflying higher and higher, the woman who found Hongsheng likes a miracle is ourgeneral manager - Jinhong liu. Enterprise is like a woman, she has her ownpersonality, her own characteristics, and her own soul.  Knowing an enterprise islike knowing a charming woman.                                                                 Warm and reliable.

About Us

Location:Dalian Hongsheng machine CO.,LTD is located in a beautiful coastal city Dalian,China.YearEstablished: 2003ManagementIdea: The company was continuously managed and developed based on the company philosophy “Quality is life” all thetime since 2003.BusinessScope: We specialized manufacturing enterprise in all kinds of machinery parts,high accuracy parts and Mold and Die accessory. The main machinery parts meansuch as the parts of Packaging machine, Printing machine, Electronic packagingequipment, Metal processing equipment, Food machinery and etc.MainEquipment: The capacity of equipment involve DMG 5-axis Machining centers,Mazak 5-axis machine,YASDA YBM-8120V,DMG CNC universal turning machines, 4-axisand 3-axis Machining centers, Sodick wire cutting machine, Mitutoyo CMM andetc. More than 40 high grade machining and testing equipment of all kinds.TotalEmployees: 70 people. We owns an advanced professional and technical teamincluding 25 senior technicians, 21 professional technicians and 24 officeworkers. The average length of service of our technicians is more than 8 years.Wepursue a distinctive in thought, management and efficiency to work our way withthe guideline of seeking truth and fact. Hongsheng is  willing to work with you joining hands ----common development for a better future. Achieve the dream of being a Century‘ s standingenterprise for Hongsheng!